RN - Cardiac Rehab Job

Full Job Title: RN/CEP - Cardiac Rehab PRN

Job Number: 17010374

Facility: SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Janesville

Location: Janesville, WI

Schedule: PRN

Hours: Every other Friday only


This position may be filled with either an RN or a Cardiac Exercise Physiologist.

RN Role Purpose:

Under the direction of the Director - Rehabilitation Services, is responsible for assessment, planning, intervention, education, and the evaluation of the care of cardiac surgical and medical patients and their families. Coordinates the patient's recovery and cardiac rehabilitation during hospitalization and early outpatient in collaboration with nurses, physicians, and appropriate interdisciplinary staff. Provides clinical nursing oversight to the outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program. Maintains direct reporting pathways with physicians, cardiac rehabilitation staff and other interdisciplinary staff regarding the ongoing treatment and care of their patients.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Communications: 1) Exhibit an approachable, interactive style in relationships. 2) Communicates information concerning patient conditions and therapy to appropriate personnel; consults with Director about situations requiring additional expertise, assistance, or management decision. 3) Communicate effectively by seeking and giving feedback, articulating ideas, listening and sharing information with all stakeholders (intra- and inter-departmentally). 4) Participate in a variety of means of communication to stay abreast of current issues within the department, hospital and the field. 5) Collaborate with fellow team members and staff. 6) Act with integrity and honesty, being willing to trust others and able to engender trust.
  • Team work: 1) Collaborate with peers, staff, team members and outside colleagues. 2) Assist with training personnel as assigned. Rotate in other job tasks as necessary. 3) Exhibit an approachable, interactive style in relationships. 4) Communicate effectively by being receptive to and receiving feedback. 5) Adapts to changing environment with patient treatments and service coordination. 6) Recognize and voluntarily assist other staff as needed. 7) Serves on committees/teams which influence and /or determine the policies, procedures and operations of the Center. 8) Performs other duties as requested.
  • Policy and Procedures: 1) Follows written procedure established for all Cardiac Rehab services and consults with Director if variance from procedure occurs or is indicated. 2) Maintain familiarity with fire, disaster, Code Blue plans and participates when necessary.
  • Clinical Administration and Documentation: 1) Utilizes nursing and cardiac rehabilitation knowledge of cardiovascular disease pathophysiology, current medical and surgical treatments of cardiovascular disease, physical assessment of cardiovascular patients, basic exercise physiology and risk factors, risk factor modification, principles of adult learning and behavior modification; to plan, coordinate and provide cardiac medical and surgical patient care. 2) Assesses patient needs daily through chart review, unit nurses, physicians and interdisciplinary team. 3) Establishes a rapport with the patient and family that is conducive to education and physical and emotional recovery process during the Phase I process. 4) Educates patients and their family utilizing evidence based practice on heart disease and treatment, activity and exercise recommendations, risk factor modification, emotional recovery and goal of outpatient programs. 5) Facilitates and coordinates patient assessment, testing, results reporting, treatment and follow up as needed for Phase II participation. 6) Assesses hemodynamic response and patient tolerance to activity progression and utilizes information to provide appropriate exercise prescription. 7) Conducts evaluation of patients current health status using standardized tools for Phase II Outpatient On-Site, Supervised Cardiac Rehabilitation participation. Assesses the following components: physical/functional, psychosocial/behavioral, environmental, family dynamics and support, spiritual, cultural and financial status. Supervises monitored exercise sessions. Evaluates hemodynamic, electrocardiographic and symptomatic responses to exercise and respond appropriately. Provides skilled nursing assessment as needed. 8) Collaborates with the inpatient in the On-site, supervised Cardiac Rehab program, the Medical Director and other healthcare providers to develop and implement and evidence based plan of care to address the individuals health care needs. Coordinates, monitors, problem solves and evaluates options and services to meet the needs and achieve the desired outcomes. Maintains ongoing documentation and reporting of goal achievement per departmental and hospital policies, guidelines and practices. 9) Participates in the promotion and education of the medical staff and general public regarding Cardiac Rehab and the services provided by the center. 10) Provides continued contact with patients in the On-site program through outpatient visits and telephone encounters to provide motivation and support for behavioral modifications, principles of exercise, stress management and referrals to appropriate services as needed. 11) Participates in routine maintenance and calibration of the test equipment to ensure its proper operating condition and reporting the need for major repair.
  • Equipment Safety and Maintenance: 1) Provides for and monitors proper equipment and technique. 2) Ensures that equipment is in proper working order by providing repairs, routine maintenance, and cleaning. 3) Uses equipment that is appropriate for the age of the patients being treated.
  • Patient Assessment and Equipment Monitoring: 1) Assists in developing and implementing a review mechanism in order to appraise the quality of care delivered by the Sleep Disorders Center. 2) Safely and effectively provides treatments, diagnostic testing including EKG's, and monitoring procedures as prescribed. 3) Ensures that equipment is functioning properly, cleaned and proper technique is followed. 4) Render clinical therapeutic and diagnostic intervention appropriate for care of patient. 5) Enforces safety standards by informing personnel, patients, and visitors of the precautions. 6) Exercise critical thinking and sound judgment to recognize and consults with physician on interventional treatment.
  • Age Assessment: 1) Physical assessment is age appropriate. 2) Develops plan of care which is age appropriate. 3) Administers age appropriate therapies and monitors response to these therapies. 4) Maintains technical competence necessary to provide quality care to age specific patient population.
  • Education and Training: 1) Participates in the development and presentation of orientation, education, and training programs to Cardiac Rehab, medical, nursing, students and other departments. 2) Attends orientation, education, and training programs pertinent to the delivery of patient care on their teams. 3) Reviews literature and other materials pertinent to the practice of Cardiac Rehab. 4) Attends in-services and staff meetings on a regular basis. 5) Train personnel as assigned. 6) Maintains credentials, CPR certification and attends pertinent continuing education.
  • Lead Duties - Rotating Lead Primary Duties: 1) Performs lead role which includes coordinating all operational activities for the assigned shift. 2) Maintains communication with staff and follow-ups with manager appropriately as department needs dictate. 3) Coordinates staff according to needs of the department to maintain a balanced workload. 4) Replaces sick calls as needed in collaboration with department staffing plan. 5) Acts as resource person to shift staff for clinical and departmental needs. 6) Adheres to charge person criteria and selection process. 7) In the absence of the director communicates with the nursing supervisor regarding administrative needs.
Cardiac Exercise Physiologist Role:
Position Summary:
Under the direction of the Director - Rehabilitation Services, plans and delivers comprehensive care and treatment of referred cardiac patients in Phase I and Phase II and maintenance cardiac rehabilitation. Maintains direct reporting pathways with physicians, cardiac rehabilitation staff and other interdisciplinary staff regarding the on-going treatment and care of the patients.


RN Minimum Requirements:

    • Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN).
    • Current Registered Nurse (RN license granted by the State of Wisconsin.
    • Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification.
    • A minimum of 2 years of experience in a hospital or clinical facility as a direct care provider to cardiac surgical and/or medical patients.
    • Possess high degree of assessment abilities.
    • Demonstrates knowledge about clinical nursing procedures, nursing/medical diagnoses and medications.
    • Possess emergency response skills.
    • Incorporate knowledge of developmental stages for patients.
    • Demonstrates interpersonal skills to achieve a collaborative approach to patient care.
    • Ability to interact with inpatients, outpatients and family members in any setting.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    Preferred Requirements:
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) preferred.
    • Experience in a Cardiac Rehabilitation or other similar Clinical Exercise Program preferred.

Cardiac Exercise Physiologist Requirements:

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology or related health field with an emphasis in cardiac rehabilitation. Master of Science in Exercise Physiology preferred.

CERTIFICATION, liCENSURE, BONDING: Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification. American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Specialist and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification obtained within 6 months of date of hire.

EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 1 year experience in a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program.

SPECIAL QUAliFICATIONS: Possesses knowledge of cardiac anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, and common cardiac and pulmonary conditions which impact the prescription of physical activity. Ability to describe current concepts of risk factor mechanisms, identification, and modification. Demonstrates knowledge of ACSM exercise guidelines for low, moderate, and high risk populations. Possesses excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to identify common arrhythmias and the consequent necessary patient interventions. Demonstrate basic computer skills, including knowledge of clinical and word processing applications.


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