Early Childhood Teacher Job

Full Job Title: Early Childhood Float Teacher

Job Number: 17001462

Facility: SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Madison

Location: Madison, WI

Schedule: Benefit Eligible, Full Time, 8 Hour Day

Hours: 9:30am-6:00pm


Float Teacher Full time 80 hour per pay period.The position I am hiring for would be ages birth-3.

2 year Associate Degree in Early Childhood, or 4 year degree in Elementary Education/Early Childhood, or proof through a Registry Certificate or Educational Institution that he/she meets the requirements to teach alone. Must be a Wisconsin Registry 3 or higher and Early Childhood classes!!

Must have Early Childhood classes!!!

Role Purpose:

Under the general direction of the Director of the Child Care Center, assists with implementing operations, including provision of direct care to and supervision of children and networking with families, program development, curriculum activities, health and safety and environment planning and development.

Role Responsibilities:

1. Customer Service: (A) Respects the dignity, diversity and rights of each child and family, while fostering positive self-esteem and child independence. (B) Maintains confidentiality among families and staff. (E) Represents the Child Care Center at hospital functions.

2. Team: (A) Attends and participates in all scheduled staff and team meetings, in-services and parent-staff functions. (B) Fulfills other responsibilities as requested by the Director, Lead Teacher or Charge Personnel. (C) Possesses a willingness to serve as a cooperating teacher for a student teacher, practicum teacher or volunteer. (D) Attends and/or is knowledgeable of Parent Advisory Committee activities and possesses a willingness to serve as staff representative to the Committee, if selected. (E) Encourages parent/guardian participation in the center. (F) Contributes to a positive working relationship with Community Coordinate Child Care (4-C), Wisconsin Early Childhood Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) (WECA) and other child care organizations. (G) Participates as an active member on center and/or hospital teams and/or committees, as appropriate. (H) Perform other duties as assigned.

3. Policy/Procedure: Contributes to the development and implements center policies and procedures.

4. Documentation: (A) Maintains continuous observation of primary contact children and contributes to the maintenance of children's files and all associated documentation and record keeping.(B) Notifies lead teacher of physical plant concerns and submits maintenance requests as appropriate.

5. Regulatory: (A) Implements all legal and licensing requirements for Group Centers per the Wisconsin Administrative Code HSS55. (B) Implements legal and licensing requirements per JCAHO and all safety regulations. C) Implements health guidelines as specified per the "Healthy Children" manual established by the Madison City Health Department. (D) Maintains a healthy and safe environment for children. (E) Administers appropriate medications, first-aid and/or CPR, as necessary. (F) Reports observations of children's health and physical condition to Director, Lead Teacher, parents and required regulatory agencies, if necessary.

6. Quality Improvement: Implements the daily functioning and continuous improvement of program.

7. Curriculum/Activity/Guidance: (A) Develops and implements child care curriculum that fosters creativity, trust, self-growth and learning. (B) Provides curriculum which promotes the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of each child in accordance with developmentally appropriate practice. (C) Provides verbal and written input into curriculum development and daily/ weekly activity plan. (D) Prepares curriculum activities, learning environment and gathers materials and supplies necessary for implementation of daily/weekly activity plans. (E) Establishes positive interactions with children; assists in developing positive child guidance principles, supportive communication and conflict resolution skills with children.

8. Education: (A) Attends professional seminars, conferences and workshops to fulfill continuing education requirements per DHSS 55. (B) Plans, schedules and conducts intake conferences prior to the enrollment of new attendees. (C) Anticipates primary contact children's transitions to and/or from a specific program or classroom. (D) Plans, schedules and conducts a transition conference and plans and facilitates child visitation of the new program. (E) Plans, schedules and conducts two parent-teacher conferences per year minimally for all primary contact children. () Completes the mid-year evaluation form, when appropriate. (In some cases, intake and transition conferences wholly or partially make up these conferences.)

9. Communication: (A) Maintains daily communication with parents. (B) Communicates regularly with parents information pertaining to each primary contact child in accordance with a specific programs standards. (C) Communicates with parents regarding center and a specific program's policies and procedures. (D) Establishes mutually supportive relationships and procedures with families. (E) Contributes to the regular composition and distribution of a specific program's newsletter. (F) Communicates, promotes teamwork, fosters respect and cooperation and initiates positive problem solving among all center staff. (G) Assists in the regular cleaning, sanitation and general attractiveness of the entire center, specific program space, materials and equipment. (H) Maintains and enhances communication with hospital and the community at large.

10. Problem solving: (I) Participate in center decision-making, as appropriate and demonstrates support of hospital, center Director and other personnel the implementation of center policies and procedures. (J) Participate in self-evaluation and program evaluations. (K) Seeks assistance and guidance from other Teachers, Lead Teacher, Director and/or Resource Coordinator.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Wisconsin Registry Level of 3 or higher, CDA or Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree in early childhood education.
  • Completion of one year of experience as a teacher in early childhood education for those meeting minimum educational requirements.
  • Minimal education requirements are defined as training equivalent to less than a completed two year early childhood education technical degree. Those who have completed a two year early childhood education technical degree or better are required to have completed a minimum of 6 months or the equivalent of 900 hours experience as a teacher in early childhood education. Meeting this experience requirement does not include student teaching, practicum or volunteer experience.
  • Oral and written skills required. Demonstrates a commitment to the continual growth of the whole person.

Preferred Qualifications:

2 year Associate Degree in Early Childhood, or 4 year degree in Elementary Education/Early Childhood, or proof through a Registry Certificate or Educational Institution that he/she meets the requirements to teach alone.

  • Additional early childhood education experience preferred.

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