Communication Associate Job

Full Job Title: Communication Associate

Job Number: 17005857

Facility: SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Madison

Location: Madison, WI

Schedule: Part Time (Benefit Eligible), Nights

Hours: 11pm-7am


Role Purpose:

Under the general supervision of the Communication Manager,responsible for providing exceptional customer service while answering allincoming telephone calls, providing way finding and general information,responding to alarms and code calls, process all requests for Interpreter Services,perform all clerical and housekeeping duties as assigned, in order to delivercommunication services in a timely, accurate manner and with the higheststandards of confidentiality and professionalism.

Role Responsibilities:

  • SWITCHBOARD FUNCTIONS: Maintains a positive, helpful disposition under stressful and complex conditions. Sends a positive first impression to callers throughout the hospital, while promoting professional and interpersonal relations with all. Utilizes software to manage all internal and external telephone calls. Shows compassion while providing services with distraught or grieving family members or patients. Handles all incoming and in-house paging requests, overhead pages, beeper pages and cell phones calls. Observes, with a high level of standard, all patient confidentiality laws/policies. Coordinates the removal of patients who have expired and the related documentation. Duties include completing a death book form, Notice of Removal of a Human Corpse (State of Wisconsin form), and obtaining an isolation form and a release of remains form from the department involved. Facilitates coordination of Security with that of the funeral director's arrival to assist in the removal of the body. Organizes detailed "on call" schedules composed of hospital departments and physician's groups. Provides call schedules to nursing supervisor. Copies and disburses call schedule to other departments as defined. Notifies Dean answering service, ER, and other appropriate departments with all daily call changes. Updates, daily as needed, all information directories within the Communication database containing a multitude of information including, but not limited to, physician's and staff contact information, on call schedule updates, patient directories, outlying hospitals, clinics, pharmacies. Reports patient, staff, physician or visitor concerns to the Director or Manager for follow up. Reports emergencies and action taken to nursing supervisor or Director/Manager as soon as possible. Prints census reports. Identifies patients for churches by using their individual codes. Maintains log and disbursement of all items that are stored in safe. Utilizes EPIC to locate patient appointments. Maintains log and disburses keys for the gift shop and other areas as indicated.
  • EMERGENCY CODE FUNCTIONS: Gives priority handling to the following emergency events; Fire, Cardiac/Respiratory Arrest, Abducted infant, Severe Weather, Emergency Response Plan (a large rush of patients), ADT-emergencies (such as a hostile environment), Missing Child, Level 1 (Cardiac), Rapid Response, and False Alarm. Initiating emergency functions requires immediate follow through of strict actions following policies and procedures and remaining calm. Responsibilities include the ability to take on all emergency function actions independently and documenting required details. Monitors all alarm meters and notifies Plant or Security when alarms are activated.
  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS FUNCTIONS: Assists staff when bringing patient phones in for repair. Assist staff on how to remove "do not disturb" and "not available" off patient phones. Acts as base station for two-way security radio, receiving and triaging calls for assistance. Provide speakerphones and pocket talkers to departments in need.
  • SECRETARIAL FUNCTIONS: Sorts and distributes department mail. Receives incoming faxes and process accordingly, by either calling recipient for pick up or distributing. Fills and replaces toner and paper in fax machines and copy machine when necessary. Provides clerical support to other departments with projects such as, collating papers, labeling envelopes, folding papers, etc. Completes project to meet requesting department's deadline. Upon direction of nursing supervisor and Information Systems, sends hospital wide messages.
  • INFORMATION DESK FUNCTIONS: Provide a positive first impression to patients and visitors. Greet all persons that approach the information desk. Provides direction and wayfinding maps to visitors, family, patients and other hospital guests as needed. Direct all visitors to their destination. Assist with Switchboard functions. Escort wheelchair bound patients where needed. Work to successfully address all customer requests. Locate and return all wheelchairs to front entrance. Log all incoming packages/items and contact appropriate person (such as lifeline and halter monitors). Locate and print schedules for Digestive Health & Surgery and Care Center. Monitors daily joint commission website for site visit announcements.
  • INTERPRETER SERVICE NEEDS FUNCTIONS: Record all requests for interpreter needs. Contacts all subcontracted interpreters on file to fill needs. Exhaust all resources to fulfill requesting department needs. Once all resources are exhausted, contact the requesting department to notify them of the results, meanwhile documenting every step taken. Suggest use of Pacific Interpreters or Certified Languages International as an alternative. Answers all calls received on the hospital TTY number and triages to appropriate area, or transmits answers for hospital departments. Update directory of interpreters and keep binders organized and current.
  • HOSPITAL FUNCTION SERVICES: Service Recovery Program: Acts as central distribution area for coupon distribution for hospital departments. Logs and documents all coupon disbursements and reasons for use online to SSM Service Recovery Log. Problem Solving: Follows existing protocols in recognizing and initiates follow through with appropriate staff, technical specialists or manager/supervisor. Teamwork: Works effectively as a team member, contributing to the overall efficiency and harmonious working relationships of the shift and department. Flexibility: Adapts to change in procedures, equipment and schedules to meet the needs requested by our customers. Must have the ability to relate to and interact well with people, empathize with their concerns. Stay calm, and reassure the upset customer or staff member.
  • QUAliTY IMPROVEMENT FUNCTIONS: Utilizes CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) concepts and tools to continuously improve the overall quality of the services provided by the department. Takes responsibility to assure all needed tasks are completed within the shift. Assists in maintaining staff directory on SSM website. Assists in maintaining forms and Policy and Procedure Manuals. Assists in coordination of monthly department meetings. Participates in department and individual goals setting and goal related activities. Complete hospital competency and other mandatory requirements within the designated time frame.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION: Maintains skills and knowledge at the competency level required for the position. Attends a minimum of fifty percent of the staff meetings per year.
  • SURGERY AND PROCEDURE WAITING AREA: Provide a positive impression to patients and visitors in the Surgery and Procedure Waiting Area. Facilitate consultation meeting between physician and family/friends accompanying surgical patients. Provide pager and instructions on process. Log all belongings for storage and validate stored belongings are free of medications. Maintain log with call times, response times and length of consultation. Provide directions and information regarding hospital campus. Provide escort service when necessary.
  • MINOR FUNCTIONS: Assist hospital personnel withuse of fax and copier machines. Assist in orienting new staff. Performs otherduties as assigned


Minimum Qualifications:

    • High school graduate or equivalent.
    • Customer service experience
    • Have excellent customer relations skills.
    • Pleasant and friendly attitude during stressful times a must.
    • Have the ability to multitask; thinking and ability to concentrate through constant interruptions needed.
    • Adapt to a stationary position for long periods of time.
    • Knowledge of communication, paging, cell phone, keyboarding, computer, word processing, general office equipment, and general secretarial skills expected.
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